If you are a new or experienced investor, the OKGN Angel Summit is a great opportunity for you to plug-in. This investor-led program was designed to expose accredited investors to the world of angel investing through a guided, hands-on process where a small venture capital fund is raised, deals are screened, and an actual investment in a startup is made.

Participants will go through a 8-week series of structured investor meetings including company reviews, founder pitches, and due diligence. The culmination is a public pitch event where the top 6 companies make their final pitch, and the investors decide who is awarded an investment from the fund.



The program will be conducted over a 8-week period. Participating investors need to be committed to attending weekly sessions. While occasional absences are understood, the value, both individually and for the collective, is derived from active participation.

Investors should be prepared to spend 3-4 hours a week on the program. Depending on your individual approach to reviewing applications or scheduling meetings, this estimate can change. Investors are encouraged to attend every session but it is not mandatory. However, because the Summit is a group experience, you will get more out of the program the more you participate.

The Cost


The cost to participate in the OKGN Angel Summit as an investor is $5,500. This includes a $5,000 investment in the fund and administrative fees. Investors must qualify as accredited (this is defined by the BC Securities Commission). The Fund Manager will have the final decision as to the participation of any investor in the fund.

The Fund


The investment fund is a limited partnership and the general partner is the OKGN Angel Investment Society. The Society manages the fund alongside Accelerate Okanagan who oversees, coordinates and organizes the OKGN Angel Summit program.

The timing for a return is similar to any other angel investing return. Most ventures will plan to exit within 5-7 years extending to a range of 13-15 years. If there is an exit, a distribution will occur. If the funds distributed are sufficient, your entire investment will be returned with legal and accounting fees subtracted.

The Deal


We want to train investors to make an investment as an angel investor which means our goal is to negotiate a deal that would reflect terms normally available to an angel. We do ask for specific terms regarding publicity and information rights but we prefer that the ventures come prepared with their own term sheet.

We do not ask for board seats and have, in the past, divided our portfolio investments between preferred shares and common shares. SAFES and convertible notes are an option.

Get Invested

Get Invested

Applications for the 2024 Okanagan Angel Summit will open in the New Year.

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