How it works


Powered by Accelerate Okanagan, the OKGN Angel Summit is a 10-week program designed to educate startup companies from across Western Canada and Okanagan-based investors.

Through the 10-week program, Accelerate Okanagan helps companies learn about the capital raising process and how to effectively build relationships with prospective investors. Investors will receive training to actively learn how to vet companies, provide feedback, and perform due diligence in helping to support early-stage companies.

The Process Featuring: Jason Richards, Alyssa Farr, Jason Bernhardt

The Process

Applications & Reviews

Companies complete the application form and have a chance to meet with an investor prior to submitting it. Reviews are conducted on every business that has applied for the summit.

Quarter-Finalists Selected

24 businesses are chosen to move forward with their pitches. However, all companies that have applied will be invited to attend further training for investment readiness.

Top 24 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 3-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

Semi-Finalists Selected

The list of companies who will move into the next round of pitches is narrowed down to 12.

Top 12 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 10-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

Finalists Selected

Investors reduce the number of participants down to the final 6. Companies and investors receive training in the due diligence process.

Due Diligence Investigation

Companies and investors undergo the due diligence process, diving deep into the structure and viability of the final 6 pitching companies.

The Finale

The community is invited to a grande finale where they can watch the final 6 companies provide their last 5-minute pitch to investors. Investors do their final deliberation and decide which company will take home an investment of up to $250K.

The Grande Finale


The OKGN Angel Summit Finale is the culmination of a 10-week program where startup entrepreneurs and accredited investors are trained in the capital-raising process. On March 16th, six remaining companies will make their final pitch for an investment of up to $250K.

In addition to a giant cheque, the Summit Finale is all about celebrating community and strengthening connections in Western Canada’s startup ecosystem. After two years, we are looking forward to hosting the Summit Finale in person at the Kelowna Innovation Centre for an evening of pitches, keynote addresses and networking.



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